Beauty Wedding: Melissa and Friends 22 August 2016

One of Most beautiful bride I ever work with, Melisa De Rooy Photgrapher: Aaron Hughes, In your shadow Location: Sydney Prisiella Yessy

Personal PREWEDDING: MINE 22 August 2016

After lots of preweddings, I learnt so much! Here is my findings on doing wedding picture: 1. Your picture has to be you. 2. Props is important (more money to spend). 3. good diet to maintain figure. 4.Choose your photographer you like the most, check their ig. 5. Have a makeup artist (trust me, even you are one, you need good one to help you. 6. Have an assistant during the photo shoot (bring you food, help with gown, touch up, etc.) 7. Look at magazines, and look for poses you love the most, and copy them. 8. The more...

Beauty Pre wedding Post 22 August 2016

I love doing her makeup since she is already pretty. Just a pastel color to add for the shoot Photo: Gary Evan Location: Central, Sydney

Beauty Pre Wedding Olla 22 August 2016

Olla my client is such a fun girl to be with, and if you ever see a million dollar smile, she definitely has one Photo: Gary Evan

Oliver About Bingung Puting 22 August 2016

Oliver pernah bingung puting. Dan menolak menyusu langsung. Orang2 pikir dan saya pikir karena asi nya sedikit. Waktu itu Oliver 2 bulan dan sedang stres aka. Lebay. (Note: Oliver bingung puting karena saya pre eklampsia dan lahir prematur. Sehingga diberikan susu pengganti selama saya pengobatan. Dan medianya adalah dot saudara saudara….) Dan kalau saya pompa sangat sedikit. berbekal frustasi saya maka saya browsing browsing dan saya memutuskan untuk relaktasi di rumah sakit puri indah ke ahli laktasi. Lalu saya diajarkan seperti ini 1. Ganti media dot dengan gelas atau sendok ( di foto adalah Oliver sedang belajar pakai gelas cupfeeder)...

Beauty Beautiful Wedding 22 August 2016

It captured our heart when we did makeup for Rosa and John wedding. Photographer: Michael Salim Location: Luna Park, Sydney

Beauty Model Shoot: Gladys 22 August 2016

So when we started makeup artist business, we choose some girls to be our models, and we choose Gladys to become one. We chose her since she can be so girlish buy never thought she can be edgy too. Location: Potts Point, Sydney Photographer: Aswin Kosasih

Personal My Other Hobby: Pudding 20 August 2016

Making pudding and Jelly this one is my passion, love it and love it the one previewed is 3d art jelly Recipe:By Nina Yusab (my mentor) I think 3 d is quite lots of work, so I might do it in really spare time Here is the working progress of 3 D

Beauty Mel and Mitch 20 August 2016

Here is one of prewedding shoot. Theme: Lovely romantic Location: Potts Point and Wooloomooloo Very interesting story about this couple. They are actually our neighbor and they are so perfect together. Here is the story: So one day, my door knocked by strangers. Me and my sister were studying (call us nerds but we did study hard, we can not afford not to) and we looked each other since we did not have any people coming in,plus we live in potts point where no way our friends wanted to come without telling. As I opened, there were a couple and...

Food About Margo Lasagna 19 August 2016

So my mom in law made this lasagna for the first time, and it was so good. Just the way i like it. The Cream cheese is so savoury and loaded with cheese. The Pasta sheet so moist and chewy, real meat and real tomato. And i thought you know this kind of food must be loved by many. SO i shopped around and tried my first batch. Not bad. So I asked my mom in laws to try to make it. My designer husband made the logo. He made the facebook (now abandoned) and I made the instagram First...